Add a Pocket to Your Ring Sling

With each sling, (excluding water slings) you have the option to add a zippered pocket to the tail.  The pocket is fully lined, sewn inside of the tail and closed with a 12 inch zipper.  Each pocket is approximately 15 inches long and 10 inches deep. 

They are perfect for holding your keys, wallet, an extra diaper and a spit up rag. 

I never used a diaper bag with any of my children.  I would put what I needed in the tail of my sling and be good to go!  The zipper ensures you that your items are safe.

For an additional $15, you can add a pocket to any sling (except for water slings) on the site.   Just select this option when ordering your sling through PayPal.
Proprietary "Hidden" Zippered Pocket in the Tail
Example of a Solid Sling with a Pocket.  Every solid colored sling comes with a surprise print inside of the tail. 

Artisan Slings and Print Slings have the pocket sewn inside of the tail print.