Here's a great idea for older siblings!

You can order a doll sling to match your new adult sling.  This will help your toddler feel included after the arrival of the new baby.  Most toddlers want to be just like mommy!

If you used a sling for your toddler a doll sling of their own can help them transition into the new role of big brother or sister.  Boys and girls love these carriers.  Completely adjustable so works for toddlers and bigger kids!


SweetPea Doll Slings are double layered and reversible.  They are made with specially chosen rings to be safe for children.

$17 if added onto an adult sling order or
$20 if ordered alone.

A real baby should never be put into a doll sling!

Match your Adult Sling that you are ordering or
Choose from these Available Prints for Doll Slings







You may choose your coordinating solid color by typing that choice when you checkout.  Or just type the print choice and I will choose the solid color for you. 

Order a SweetPea Doll Sling


Please email me to pay by check.

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Rings and Safety

Some vendors use the rings on the left to make doll slings but SweetPea Ring Sling Doll Slings are made with lightweight, unwelded metal rings (shown on the right).  These rings are light enough for children and the rings CAN be pulled apart by an adult if ever needed.  SweetPea Ring Slings is owned by a mom of six so safety is of the upmost importance.
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