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Ring Slings are shipped Priority Mail (2-3 days).  Each sling is custom and made after it is ordered, in the order received.


Most slings ship within 7 days.  Some slings, noted on their pages, ship within 10 days, depending on if I need to order the fabric, like for Silk Slings.

Do you ship outside of the US?

SweetPea Ring Slings are shipped all over the world.  Pricing is normally between $20-$30usd. Paypal will add it to your order when you checkout.  International shipping can take up to a month to arrive at your location.


The SweetPea Ring Sling Shoulder

In 2009 we released the New Eclipse SweetPea Ring Sling  Shoulder.  The new shoulder design has received fantastic feedback from experienced sling users and new users alike.


  • It has been called one of a kind and innovative and was designed while wearing my own six children.

  •     The SweetPea Ring Sling  Eclipse  shoulder has the streamlined look of a gathered shoulder with the structure of a pleated shoulder.

  •     This Eclipse shoulder allows for the ring sling to be 100% reversible which creates two looks in one for each sling.

  •     The Eclipse sling is the exact same on both sides (with the exception of colors and the label sewn on the tail).

  •     The Eclipse shoulder is reinforced on the inside of the sling and the way that the shoulder is pleated results in it being very lightly padded for comfort.

  •     All pleats and sewing for the  Eclipse  shoulder are done vertically.  Most pleated slings have horizontal stitching but ours features a vertical stitch which changes the way the baby's weight is distributed.  

  •     The sling cups your shoulder without restricting arm movement. The way that the sling is sewn is designed to fold around the edge of your shoulder- no matter which side is facing out.  The pleats fold up, to create that cup.   


  •     The Eclipse shoulder is universal.  It will work for left or right handed users and allows the user to rotate which shoulder they wear the sling on.


 *do not copy my shoulder style for personal or commercial use. 
Copyright @SweetPeaRingSling


Different Fabric Types


I probably get asked this question the most often!
Each fabric type has its own pros and cons.  Their pros are why I have each type on my website.
This is also explained on this page here:  FABRIC FAQ

The cotton that I use is strong and last for years.  It holds up the best of all the fabric types that I use, wash after wash.   I have moms out there still using 10 year old cotton slings because they are still holding strong, even though I try to convince them to buy something new!  ;)  Cotton is the most affordable option for ring slings because it is so widely available.  
The downfall of the cotton is that it is thicker and can be hotter in the summer.  But this also means its supportive for heavier babies- thicker=stronger.  The two layers of cotton can be harder to adjust for new wearers but this can be eased by following my threading instructions so that you have the sling pretty tight to you before putting the baby in.  That way you won't have to slide it through the rings much at all to tighten.

All of my slings are double layered so I also use specific rings to ease this friction.  (fabric vs rings and adjusting)


The linen that I use is lighter in weight than the cotton is.  That makes it cooler in the summer...linen is commonly used for summer clothing items like shorts and shirts because it is so airy.  This makes a good sling for someone who live in a very humid area or has a baby that tends to get hot and sweaty.  Linen wears out faster than the cotton- each time you wash and dry it.  (lint trap)  You can prolong the life of your linen sling by washing and hang drying instead.  Use an iron to repress the edges.
Another down fall of linen is that it gets very wrinkly.  So if its just thrown in your diaper bag or backseat, it will be a lot more wrinkled than a cotton sling would.
Some manufacturers sell linen that is very rough and say that you need to "break it in".  This is not true for SweetPea Ring Slings.  All of my sling fabrics are carefully chosen and SOFT from the first use.  I don't think you should have to "break in" or wait to use your item.

Silk is also lightweight and great in the summer or winter!  And IT's SILK!!  It's beautiful.  Most silk is made of at least two different colors in the weave.  It shimmers and shines and changes colors as you move.  Silk is also very strong and super supportive for heavier babies.  It would probably be my top choice to use for my own heavier toddlers but the downfall is the care.  Silk should be washed less often to preserve its luster.  You should also hang dry to keep the fibers from breaking down.  You can machine wash and even dry, it will just cause your sling to wear out faster.  So it's recommended that you spot clean your silk sling which can be hard if you have a baby who spits up a lot.  But its so beautiful that if you can splurge on it, you should!  I often do silk slings to match bridesmaids dresses or special occasions.


Because there are so many pros and cons to each type, I developed the "Premium Slings" first for myself so that I could have the cute cotton print on one side and the benefits of the other fabrics on the other side!  I think its a good compromise for all.

The fabric that I use for water slings is perfect for...water!  It is light weight and has little holes in it that allow it to dry much faster than other fabrics. Unlike other brands, my water slings are also double layered which means they are more supportive too.  Most brands recommend that you ONLY wear your sling in the water but my water slings can be used walking to and from the beach, at the pool or beach to walk around and get your baby to sleep or even on really hot days when you need something more airy.  I don't recommend a water sling as your everyday sling because they aren't as supportive as cotton, linen or silk so your shoulder and back will get tired faster.  But they are perfect for the job they are designed for.  I love wearing my water sling and baby to the beach, so that my hands are free to carry all the other things.  The fabric, when dry, is also PERFECT for wiping sand off of faces and hands.  Its very sand resistant!  Because I specially choose the fabrics that I use for water slings, there aren't as many color choices available.  But your water sling can be hung out with your towels or washed and dried in the machines.  Just watch out for velcro, it snags the water sling fabric! If we were at the beach for a week, I would have the water sling for during the day and then another sling to use out at night while the water sling dried.

SweetPea Rings do not have top stitching around where the baby sits in the sling.  This top stitching, on other brands, can dig into their fat legs but that isn't an issue with my slings.  Developed while wearing my own chunky babies!

Can I Pick Out My Own Fabric?

custom fabrics

Yes and I love doing customs.  You can see examples in my Customs Album on Facebook.

I've done them for all match nurseries, weddings, holidays, kilts, etc!

Normally people will pick out their own cotton fabric for the body or just the tail.

You can order the fabric online (I like to use and have it shipped directly to me to save time and money.

You do need to have the type of fabric(s) approved by me before ordering, so send me an email first.

I prefer to provide the lining fabric in order to make your sling more easily adjustable.

Pricing is normally similar to what I have on the website.

For example:

If you send me the fabric for the tail (one yard), the price is the same as buying a solid colored cotton sling.  $65+

If you send me an entire panel, so that one side of your sling has a print (2 1/4 yards-2 1/2 yards), the price is $36 for a cotton sling.

Prices go up if you use linen or silk instead.  Also pockets and shipping are extra.

Email me if you'd like to work on a Custom Order!

Contact Us

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My ring sling prices are based on my experience and how I operate.  I am a work at home mom of six children.  All of the slings are made by me, in the USA.  All of my slings are double layered and it takes me an hour+ to complete each one.  Double layered means double the supplies.  Completing each sling takes a lot of time away from my family.  In order for me to keep the business open, the time loss from my family has to have a gain.  I have to make enough profit for it to benefit my family for the amount of time that I spend doing it.

I make each sling myself, answer all emails myself, take and edit all of the pictures and run my own website.  That's a lot of time. :)  Plus, I have been doing this since 2006 so with that comes a lot of experience in this business.   You can find cheaper but you may not be able to find my quality, style and experience for less.

Reputable ring slings makers follow very strict guidelines so be careful when ordering off of ebay, etsy or from any 'overnight' baby carrier maker.

Return Policy


Please email me right away if you have a problem with your SweetPea Ring Sling.  Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to us.  I will work with you to teach you how to use your ring sling.

If however, you are still unhappy about your purchase slings may be return within 2 weeks (postmarked) but must be in the same condition as when the sling was shipped to you.  I will refund your payment price*, minus shipping fees.


Silk and some custom orders are not returnable.

Please email me for the shipping address.

I will not accept sling returns from smoking homes.

Each SweetPea Ring Sling purchased from this site comes with a one year guarantee for the workmanship (seams, hems, stitching) and materials of the sling.  This guarantee only applies to the original purchaser and not on slings that are resold elsewhere.  If you have an issue with your sling, please email me to discuss having it replaced with a identical one.

Beginning in 2013 all SweetPea Ring Slings were made with a date of manufacture tag,  If you are trying to buy a used sling, please check how old it is!  All fabrics wear out over time.

Thanks for submitting!


Yes, I do accept wholesale orders!


Wrap Conversions

The ring sling/wrap carrier standard went into effect January 30, 2018.  After this time, we were no longer able to do wrap conversions because the new standard requires that each individual wrap converted sling be tested to make sure that it is safe.  That is not financially feasible as it costs $400+ to have each sling design tested.

Wrap conversions into slings have long been popular, so we understand that this is a hard change for many in the babywearing community.  I am saddend by it also but can no longer do wrap conversion because of these new rules.

Wrap Conversions are No Longer Available

Donations and Free Slings


If you see my slings on a blog, recommended on a group or loaned out by a group, that person (or group) bought the sling themselves and decided to review it.  I do not give out free slings to bloggers.    


I can give you a discount for your group, if I have a sling already made or am not too busy.

 I do offer a 10% discount on more than one sling ordered at that same time.  You must email me for this discount so that I can send you an invoice with the adjusted price.   


WAHM to Six, including Twins


Proudly Made in the USA. 

Proudly Spreading the Love by Shipping all over the World!

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