Solid Linen SweetPea Ring Slings

Design your own Linen SweetPea Ring Sling!

Linen is a great fabric for ring slings! It is very supportive and perfect for heavier
babies or toddlers.  Linen is a natural fiber that is absorbent and breathable, making it a great choice for summer or for those who tend to get hotter while babywearing.
The linen used for these SweetPea Ring Slings is high end, lightweight, prewashed and SOFT! 
There is no need to "break in" the fabric, they are ready to use right out of the package!

Choose any two colors for your ring sling!
The slings are 100% visually reversible for two looks in one sling.  They are double layered for extra support and style and like all SweetPea Ring Slings, there is no top stitching around where your baby sits.

You can also request a custom order with a striped tail or a print added to your linen ring sling tail on this page:  Custom Linen

Available Linen Colors

Colors may vary slightly from screen to screen

Order a Solid Linen SweetPea Ring Sling

Price:: $70

First Color:: Your Choice (Linen)

Second Color: Your Choice (Linen)

Rings:: 3 1/2" Aluminum

100% Reversible 

Add Zippered Pocket:: $15

Linen Slings will be made to be apprx. 75" long.  If you need it longer or shorter, please indicate that when you checkout.

Availability:: Ships within a week of payment.

If there are any issues with the colors that you have selected, I will email you.

Linen: Add a Zippered Pocket?
Color Choices:
Any Sizing Concerns?

 (if you'd like only one color, type that color for both choices)


Email me for more information on paying by check or money order.

Get an idea of what your colors will look like next to each other.

Or scroll down to see some previous orders.

Add a Pocket!

Add our signature pocket to your solid colored ring sling for $15.

The pocket is zippered and hidden inside of the tail.   Throw in your keys, wallet and an extra diaper and leave your other stuff in the car. 

The sling will be made with the tail the opposite color unless you specify that you'd like it the same as the inside color, like this:

(shown: Light Pink/Navy Blue Linen with Pocket)

Each solid color ring sling comes with a surprise print inside, just to add a little 'funk' to your sling!

Example of Previous Orders

Brown/Brown Linen
Double Layer
Gray/Gray Linen
Double Layer

White/White Linen

Double Layer

Light Pink/Light Pink Linen

Double Layer

Khaki/Khaki Linen
Double Layer

Sage/Sage Linen

Double Layer

Black/Black Linen

Double Layer

Cornflower/Gray Linen
Double Layer
Red/Red Linen Double Layer
Gray/Sage Linen
Pink/White Linen
Light Blue/Khaki Linen
Rose Pink/White Linen

Grass Green/Turquoise Linen

Royal Blue/Grass Green Linen
Dark Orange/Light Orange Linen

 Blue/Orange Linen

Royal Blue/Gray Linen

Navy Blue/Light Blue Linen

Navy Blue/Pink Linen

Gray/Turquoise Linen
Bright Orange/Electric Blue Linen

Periwinkle/Fushia Linen

Brown/Sage Linen
Turquoise/Khaki Linen
Brown/Pumpkin Linen
Grass Green/Celery Linen
Khaki/White Linen

Shown with added Pocket

Lilac/Gray Linen
with added Pocket

Pumpkin/Gold Linen

with added Pocket

Gray/Sage Linen
with added Pocket
Gray/Navy Linen
with added Pocket
Khaki/Navy Linen with added Pocket

Gray/Black Linen

with added Pocket

Gray/Light Blue Linen

with added Pocket

Light Pink/Gray Linen

with added Pocket

Gray/Light Pink Linen

with added Pocket

Sage/Khaki Linen with added Pocket
Sage/Brown Linen
with added Pocket

Light Pink/Navy Blue Linen

with added Pocket

Gray/Yellow Linen

with added Pocket

Turquoise/Gray Linen
with added Pocket
Yellow/Khaki with added Pocket in the khaki color

Gray/Purple Linen with added Pocket

Turquoise/Black Linen

with added Pocket

Lilac/Gray Linen
with added Pocket

Gray/Khaki Linen

with added Pocket

Navy/Navy Linen with added Pocket

Seafoam/Khaki Linen with added Pocket

Sage/Light Pink Linen
I change the colors on the color swatches every now and then, so if you see a color in the examples that you like go ahead and choose it when you check out.  I will email you if I do not have it. 

If you'd like to upgrade your linen to add a print to one side, you can visit this page:  Premium Linen

You can also request a custom order with a striped tail or a print added to your linen ring sling tail on this page:  Custom Linen