Solid Matka SweetPea Ring Slings

 The latest trend in babywearing, at a great price!

Silk Matka, is a distinctive, medium-weight 100% silk fabric. Matka, defined, means "rough, hand-loomed" and originates from a thick yarn. It has a "knobby" linen texture. This fabric is 100% silk but bears resemblance to linen in it's texture and support so its often called "Silk Linen". It is very supportive and airy for the summer! It is beautiful with that glimmer as it moves, that you get from silk fabric.

Matka is a natural fiber that is absorbent and breathable, making it a great choice for summer or for those who tend to get hotter while babywearing.

These SweetPea Ring Sling Makta Slings are Single Layered and come with a Gathered Shoulder.
(this is different from my regular "Eclipse" Shoulder but works well with the Matka Fabric)

Standard length is 80" which gives you more than enough tail for covering while nursing, using as a sun shade or simply letting in hang because the fabric is so lovely.   (you may request a different length when you checkout, at no additional cost)

All SweetPea Ring Slings are SOFT from the start! No need to "break in".

Care:: Matka can be washed but should be spot cleaned and hang dried as much as possible to preserve the fabric integrity.

Available Matka Colors

Order a Single Layer Matka Silk SweetPea Ring Sling

Price:: $150

Rings:: 3 1/2" Aluminum

100% Reversible 

Linen Slings will be made to be apprx. 80" long.  If you need it longer or shorter, please indicate that when you checkout.

Availability:: Ships within a week of payment.

Color Choice
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Gathered Shoulder