Premium Silk SweetPea Ring Slings


Printed Slings with a full panel of one of our designer prints, lined with gorgeous slk!  Double Layered and 100% Reversible.

You get the support of beauty of silk and the style of one of our prints!

You choose your print and your solid SILK color! 

   Pricing for Premium Slings lined with silk start at $90.00

You can also have your premium sling made with cotton ($70) or linen ($80): 

Premium Cotton Slings     Premium Linen Slings


Zippered Pockets can be added to Any Premium Sling for an additional $15.00.


Step One:  Choose your print

Step Two:  Choose your silk color

Step Three:  Checkout

Step Four: Wait for your custom sling to arrive!

All of the prints that I use are only in production for limited times so this page will change often.  Occasionally a fabric has sold out before I realize it.  If that happens, I will email you right away about a substitute.  Choices are best viewed on a computer screen.

Choose your print and Choose Your Solid Silk Color

  • Tea Rose
    Tea Rose
  • Leopard
  • Teal Plaid
    Teal Plaid
  • Quatrefoil Navy
    Quatrefoil Navy
  • Wood
  • Navy Deer
    Navy Deer
  • Pink Argyle
    Pink Argyle
  • Ivory Deer
    Ivory Deer
  • Lettsworth
  • Red, Pink & Navy Flowers
    Red, Pink & Navy Flowers
  • Teal Paisley
    Teal Paisley
  • Pink Deer
    Pink Deer
  • Norwegian Fall
    Norwegian Fall
  • Momento
  • Watercolor Roses
    Watercolor Roses
  • Effervescence
  • Gold Chevron
    Gold Chevron
  • Purple Pink Ombre
    Purple Pink Ombre
  • Red Ombre
    Red Ombre
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom
  • Navy Anchor
    Navy Anchor
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
  • Purple Roses
    Purple Roses
  • Amy Butler's Lotus
    Amy Butler's Lotus
  • Blue Ombre
    Blue Ombre
  • Green Camo
    Green Camo
  • Black and White Damask
    Black and White Damask
  • Rainbow
  • Lemons
  • Zebra
  • Lemonade
  • Navy Helm
    Navy Helm
  • Cactus
Colors may vary from screen to screen.

To see a larger view of prints visit this page or scroll below for more sling photos.
Order a Premium SILK SweetPea Ring Sling:

Premium SILK: Add a Zippered Pocket?
Print Selection:
Solid SILK Color:

I will email you if there are any issues with your selection.

The turn around time on custom slings is usually 7-14 days depending on if I need to order the fabric. 

You can email me with questions or special requests and I will send you an invoice.

See what others have designed!

My prints change seasonally so if you see a print below that isn't shown above, you can send me a request for a custom order and I will see if I can still order that fabric. 
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Pink Purple Ombre with Purple Silk

Violet/Mandarin Silk with add Pocket

All SweetPea Ring Slings are1 00% Visually Reversible

Purple Roses/Purple Silk with added Pocket

You can also have your premium sling made with Cotton ($70) or Linen($80): 

Premium Cotton Slings     Premium Linen Slings

Have something else in mind?  Let's do a Custom Order!  You can check out my print folder on Pinterest